Eayrslee for We Are The Market

This week We Are The Market published my first story in a series of studio tours of different Brooklyn designers. The project is kind of a dream since I could look at inspiration binders and mood boards for hours on end without getting bored. An excerpt to the piece and link are below. xxR


“This is Lou,” says Mimi Eayrs pointing to a tearsheet of Charlotte Gainsbourg for Balenciaga that’s taped to her studio wall. “And this is her dad, he’s a cinematographer. He lives in the West Village, but Lou lives in Brooklyn—probably Park Slope or Carroll Gardens. This is Lou’s mother, she looks like Sonia Rykiel, no? (laughing).”

Set amidst a collage of lithe blondes in varying states of bohemian undress, hangs the weathered face of 89-year old Rosita Missoni, bedecked in a pastel pink twinset, smiling cheerfully at the camera. It’s an atypical inspiration image, but one that addresses the central tenet of Earyslee Handbags.

“We love the idea of heritage, of passing things on from one generation to the next,” says Mimi. “When we started thinking about Eayrslee, we tried to stay away from anything disposable.”

Read the full piece here.

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